Maternity Bras

For most fashion loving women lingerie is an item that signifies luxury and ultimate comfort. It cannot go down too well if they have to trade them for ďun-coolĒ maternity wear at the time of pregnancy. As the bust expands, all the satins and laces that adorned the bust so beautifully become tight and uncomfortable leaving no choice but to purchase new ones. Most women relate maternity wear to over-sized and unflattering clothes. A little extra research on their part will reveal that there are a whole lot of options for moms-to-be in the maternity department. Maternity bras these days are specially designed to give ideal support to the breasts and still provide you with a stunning figure.

The most common mistake expectant mothers make is purchasing a larger size of a fashion bra. Thinking that this bra will accommodate their breasts at this stage of their lives is a great misconception as they donít take into account the shoulder straps and the band size. Ill fitting maternity bras could cause several complications. Too tight, it could cause acute pain or too loose the breasts could sag. Buying maternity bras is almost similar to buying regular bras. The difference comes in the sizing rules. It is better to seek advice from a professional bra fitter in order to get the right match right down to your cup size.

Experts all over the world confirm that sizing is important before women buy their first maternity bras. Measure around your body, below the arms for the band size. If you get an odd number add 5 inches. If it is an even number add 4 inches. The total is your band size. To measure the cup size, measure around the fullest part of your breasts and subtract this number to the band size number. More than anything, a good maternity bra covers the breasts completely and the band is on the same level all the way around. After sizing, it is necessary to try on at least a few pairs to get one of the perfect fit. Do not be disappointed if you are not able to buy one right away; but donít put off buying one altogether.

Though underwire bras give a lot of support, they are usually not recommended for pregnant and nursing women. However, if women are used to the support of an under-wired bra then they can switch over to nursing bras with a flexible plastic support.

When you do find the right size, make sure you buy more than one pair so that you can wear these bras on a daily basis. However, as the pregnancy progresses another trip to the maternity store is inevitable. Brands dealing with maternity bras suggest that it is better to switch over to nursing bras right away. In this way, you donít have to make a trip to the store again after delivery and save money in the process. Women can be assured that several fashion brands produce their own line of maternity bras covering a wide range of cup sizes. A look in the mirror will reveal that pregnancy definitely becomes you.


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